About Us


About Us 
Mission Vision Company Arzhang eyes 


A. Who are our customers? 

B. Is it possible in a world without beauty, to live? 

We need the mind and brain nerve touching beauty to communicate with their environment through the balance, follow your own path to success. 
C. Because our company? 

Our company philosophy is to anyone who wants to create beauty, it is our feeling that the attitudes of valuable works of art to be perceived as different and memorable convert. 
D. What is our product? 

1) colors for painting on glass, stained glass, ceramics and metals (VITRAY COLOR) 
Brand names: Versace (VERSACH vitray) in a 6-color, 12 colors color Adhesives and blue colors of the stained glass French vinato Basic Adhesives (VITO vitray) in 26 color stained glass Vinato with a capacity of 75 mg is supplied to market and high color purity and high resistance to atmospheric agents is 
vinato stained glass stained glass, with prices 75% cheaper than the imported, imported brands are competing hard. 

2) Versace called gouache colors packaged in 6 colors, 12 color and monochrome (VERSaCH Gouache .
3) high quality Versace acrylic craft paint in 12 colors 
4) medium art: big oil - turpentine - scative and varnish for oil painting and vinato Versace name and the capacity 40,60 and 135 mm. 

E. Our manufacturing technology is how? 

to provide. 

Innovation and initiative of our team work, our creative professionals. Teams composed of engineers, manufacturing, and materials chemistry. 

  . What is our distinctive feature of F? 

1) Our products are what artists have to expect it. 

2) Our products are of high standard. 

3) Our product diversification, and incentive are new and different. 

4) All colors with high quality (color inside each container) than the ones offered in the market. 

5) innovation and originality in art is produced reduced product price. 

6) All our products with attractive packaging, the artist draws attention to itself. 

7) utilizes the latest manufacturing equipment and packaging to deliver the best product to market. 

G. What is the main line profit companies and sales representatives? 

1) maintaining consistent quality and continuous improvement of all products and VERSACH,VINATO .

2) Support the artist class with fair pricing and incentive. 

3) Support sales representatives across the country to consider a variety of discounts including: 

a. Discount season .

b. Buy discounted cash .

c. Buy discount ceiling .

d. Advertising and information to target market .

e. Specialized exhibitions and public .


*** Arzhang support artists  ***