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French art market VINATO


French art market VINATO French art market VINATO French art market VINATO
French art market VINATO French art market VINATO French art market VINATO


Technical specifications, performance, quantity and color of the stained glass professionals will learn French VINATO Base Adhesives: 

1) The goal of colors available in stained glass French art market VINATO what? 
1. Support art community 
2. Stained glass and imported foreign high prices and lack of balance between supply and demand; selection, procurement and purchasing professional stained glass paint for artists has been very difficult. 
3. Professional stained glass colors VINATO considering the characteristics and quality of colors and the demands of a professional stained glass artists, production and marketing of the brand. 
So that artists from different fields including visual arts: crafts, industrial design, graphic design, painting, architecture and ... Can pure thoughts and ideas of its own with professional color VINATO are created and sustained. 
2) What is the method of manufacture and color VINATO professional? 
• colors of stained glass art professional VINATO utilizes two important factors in the quality stained glass is produced: 
1. Formulas manufactured in accordance with global standards. 
2. Quality raw materials and is fully European (French). 
3) Wath is Special, distinctions and differences VINATO colored stained glass Professional? 
1. Color Transparency: 100% 
(Definition of Transparency: The light passes through the layers of paint.'s Consumers more transparency in the market is another example of the color). 
2. Color Purity: 100% 
3. Adhesion on surfaces: 100% 
4. High resistance against climatic factors like heat, cold, light and heat of the sun and ... 
5. Suitable for painting on glass surfaces, ceramic and metal. 
6. Variety of Color: Color is a professional stained glass VINATO world's first transparent black, metallic black, white and metallic copper and gold in two different colors to paint your listing is added. 
7. Combining color fast and easy to create new colors: 100% 



8. It has 3 specialized medium for stained glass art stained glass Bkhshtr easier and fun: 
• solvent medium for stained glass VINATO: (HARD SOLVENT, Code: 033) washing brush and paint objects that are happening. 
• Fast drying medium and stained glass paint thinners, lighter color without having to: 
   : (QUICK DRYER, Code: 066), if you use colors that are too dry, you can then test, use of the medium. 
. The medium of stained glass (COLORLESS, Code: 088): the lighter the color of the medium of stained glass, you can use: for example, a certain color combination stained glass with yellow VINATO Los lemon yellow or red if you become ! 

2. HOW Drying time and established a professional stained glass paint is VINATO ? 
1. 10 to 25 minutes on the surface of the paint is dry. 
2. Completely dry paint color and coarser layers between 1 to 2 days longer. 
* Notes: 
1. Temperature has a direct effect on drying time stained glass (warmer air drying process is faster color) 
2. VINATO VINATO need to establish a professional stained glass paint is curing oven.But to better stabilize the color, the faster drying occurs, the quality is far better.You can do this by blowing hot air into the paint surface (eg, low-grade hair color so that it does not sag) or drying in a warm environment to reach this result. 
3. The paint is completely dry, and wash the painted surfaces Avoid touching. 
4. Thick layer of paint stained glass also has a great impact on drying time. 
• How to maintain and protect the stained glass colors VINATO How professional is that? 
The colors of the stained glass is dry air, so your colors are always fully close the lid to stop the infiltration of air into the container. 

• Conventional methods for maintaining a professional stained glass colors VINATO: 
1. For long-term storage temperature is below 30 degrees Celsius. 
2. Marinating within color on the door (the door is closed completely sure). 
3. Pouring some water on the surface of the painting: The appropriate action to protect the paint color is not used for a long time. 
* Notes: 
• drying your brush with paint to protect the stained glass for the cleansing power of solvents for use VINATO have bold colors.


* How to wash colored stained glass artwork is professionally VINATO? 

• Professional stained glass colors VINATO After complete drying, it has washability. 
• If you need to wash the dust from the semi-wet cloth to use. 
• Clean painted surfaces with slow motion and pressure do not enter. 
• Do not use a rough cloth, as it is of Scotch and destroys stained glass gloss glossy surface. 
4) Professional VINATO stained glass is color variation? 
VINATO professional stained glass paint colors offered in the package are four. In 23 different colors and 3 stained glass medium. 
5)HOW Professional capacity and volume VINATO stained glass is color? 
Professional stained glass paint color among all colors External VINATO capacity, with capacity of 75 mm! 
6) Packaging Professional VINATO stained glass is color? 
We point out the importance and role of two important factors in the packaging, ie packaging of beauty and performance art products with utmost respect for the artists want to give. 
* Depending on the functional properties VINATO professional stained glass is color? 
1. Maintaining the quality of the paint. 
2. The color of preservation injury (during transport). 
3. Easy to use and operation of colors. 
Aesthetic properties of colored stained glass * packaging professionals VINATO What ?
1. Symptoms include graphical applications on the package label. 
2. Beautiful design special and unique. 
***  ArZHang support artists ***