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Technical specifications, performance, quality and quantity of oil painting MEDIUM VINATO 


(Professional medium oil paint) we know: 

1) The purpose of MEDIUM oil painting MEDIUM VINATO  What is the market? 
1. Support of the artistic community. 
2. Mayjat Vynatv oil painting by considering the characteristics and quality factors, needs and wishes of artists, painters, production and marketing of the products offered in the professional category. 
2) manufacturing practices Mayjat oil painting Vynatv how? 

* Medium VINATO oil painting utilizes two important factors in the production of quality: 
1. Formulas manufactured in accordance with global standards. 
2. Iranian-quality raw materials and (Germany). 
3) Special introduction Gyha, distinctions and differences SCATIVE 2 in 1 VINATO What 

 a professional fast drying oil paint without cobalt color like bright orange, with a warm fragrance that particular space, art that is unique to you and those around you and the smell does not offend. 
1) The special quality medium density easily be combined with a full-color and oil painting. 
2) High quality VINATOSCATIVE your colors will enhance physical and chemical properties. 
3) medium VINATO SCATIVE not just gloss and transparency of oil paint does not kill you, but you also increase the color effect. 
4) Dry time between 30 minutes to 6 hours VINATO SCATIVE medium action. Direct effect on when the ambient temperature is warmer color effect you reduce drying time. 
5) After drying paint, dry paint color combinations will be next. 
4) special presentation Gyha, differences and advantages of large oil VINATO What?
VINATO medium REFINED LINSEED oil:high quality oil colors and easily with a variety of brands and combine your oil, the property is thinner and softer, making it possible to use a larger canvas to paint on. 

5) Special introduction Gyha, distinctions and differences VINATO varnish is? 
VINATO varnish medium: oil painting of a good polish. 
1) medium VINATO  polish on their physical properties, in addition to enhancing the appearance of your panel, as a strong protective layer protects your precious boards over the years. 
On one hand, leaving the panel) 
3) Note that when you use a varnish that you paint is completely dry. 
6) Special introduction Gyha, distinctions and differences turpentine 2 in 1 VINATO What? 

Turpentine medium VINATO:turpentine VINATO clear bluish color with an aromatic solvent to wash your brush or other tool. 
7) What is the capacity and volume MEDIUM VINATO oil painting? 

MEDIUM oil painting VINATO:highest capacity among all Iranian and foreign models, with capacities of 135 mm! Interest is calculated from the volume of fluid in the 10 free. 
8) How is packed medium VINATOoil painting? 
We point out the importance and role of two important factors in the packaging, packaging of beauty and performance art products with utmost respect for the artists want to give. 
VINATOa special selection! 
* Functional specification packaging MEDIUM oil painting VINATO how? 
1. Maintaining the quality of the package contents. 
2. The color of preservation injury (during transport). 
3. Easy to use and exploit the contents of memory. 
* Package aesthetic properties MEDIUM VINATO oil painting mean? 
1. Symptoms include graphical applications on the package label. 
2. Beautiful design special and unique. 
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